Motigon gives the user an easy way to create and share illustrations. Access to your drawing is immediate, as it all runs within your browser using open standards supported by all major browsers in all current operating systems. The application can be opened on any device with a web browser, and you will be able to continue your work from where you left off the last time.


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The name

Motigon is derived from the word motif. A motif is defined as a recurring or dominant element of a larger whole. It might also describe a single shape printed on a surface. The last part of the name is taken from the word polygon. A polygon is defined as a multi-edged shape consisting of straight lines. This type of shape lays the foundation for all of the shapes that you can draw within our application.

Fully customizable

The application can be fully customized for use in thirdparty systems. This is realized using a well-documented library available for both GWT, JavaScript and Java2D. Users of this library could use the full interface or parts of it, as the library will be able to accommodate for most needs.