Please note that the Motigon application is not currently available for sale.

Easily draw good looking diagrams online

Using this online app it is easy to quickly draw diagrams. There is no need to install anything on your computer, it is all done inside your web browser. Start drawing your diagrams on one computer, and finish the work on another. You can resume exactly where you left off.

A connected world

Everything has a connection, and so do the figures in our diagrams. Draw a line between two figures, and you won?t loose the connection. All connected lines will be updated automatically as you move your objects.

Draw using a large library of figures

Using the extensive library of figures it is easy to draw diagrams for all your needs. You?ll quickly find the shapes you need to visualize what you have in mind.

Highly configurable drawing

You have the power to customize your diagram to fit your needs. Using a wide array of customization options you can setup the diagram layout to your heart?s content. From the style of your figures to linking between diagrams, the choice is entirely yours.

Dynamic lines

There are several types of lines available. From curved and angled lines to plain straight lines, it?s easy to visualize anything.

Element ordering

When drawing the diagram, you are free to reorder the elements. This makes it possible to say that one element should always be in front of another one.

Diagram panning

Support for diagrams that are larger than the size of your screen. If you need to draw a large diagram or switch to a computer with a smaller screen, you will be able to move within the drawing. You move either by moving the scrollbars, use the pan tool or move the current view within the overview window.


Select multiple figures at the same time and make changes to the selection. Drag one of the figures to move all of the selected figures, or change the styling of the current selection.

One interface to rule them all

The interface was designed with all users in mind. First time users prefer to use the mouse to select tools and operations. Advanced users might use keyboard shortcut for the most used operations. Some drawing functions also have additional actions bound to the SHIFT, CTRL and ALT keys. These include aspect ratio preservation and rotation angle snapping.

Familiar interface

Some interface ideas are based on familiar applications like Adobe Photoshop. This means that if you are already familiar with these types of applications, you will feel at home in this application as well.

Share your drawing

Share your work with others. It?s possible to share the diagram as an image with a distinct url. This makes it easy to include the image in your website or blog. When the original diagram is updated, the image on your website will also be updated. You can also save the image to disk if you don?t want the image to change as you keep working on your diagram.

Collaborative environment

Within an organization you can connect several accounts for easier collaboration. The original owner of a drawing can say if his drawing can be seen or edited by others within the organization.

You are in charge

With an easy to use permission interface you decide who will see each diagram. You can at any time stop sharing your diagram images.