Complete Example

Complete example

This example show what a developer can do using the GWT version of the library. This example uses the default GWT interface. While this interface might be good enough for most uses, the interface is completely customizable from code.

Open clean demo

Example Browser

Example browser

The example browser contains several demos that shows how to use various elements of the library. All these examples contain full source code so that it's easy to find an example for most scenarios. The browser will be extended as more features are added to the library.

Default GWT Complete UI

Default GWT Complete UI

We have made great effort to create consistent and good looking UIs in both plain GWT and GXT. Swapping between the two is as simple as exchanging Ginjectors (Google Guice).

Image Map

Use the server side Image Map generator to make diagrams portable and come alive with navigation using links.

Text Position Animation

Text Position Animation

Using simple constructs one can create illustrative animations.

Gradient Styles

Gradient styles are important for making good looking diagrams.

Image Shapes

Easy create custom figures or spice up your diagram using images.

Select Tool

A good select tool is central. It enables us to use the many operations a figure supports, such as scaling, moving, rotations, multi-select etc.